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CEO Assistant (Foreign Affair) – 1000$

Chainity Labs was founded with the mission of Unlocking the Infinite Power of Blockchain. We are creating foundational infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of decentralized protocols based on blockchain technologies. Chainity Labs has a goal of onboarding the next billion users to the blockchain world.

Chainity Labs has a goal to become a top infrastructure solution company supporting blockchain with Web3: Dotscan, DAO, Oracle, …….

We are looking for people, who assist the CEO and will support the performance of foreign affairs activities and business support.

Foreign Affairs Scope:

  • Assist CEO in strategic meeting process and company performance management (scorecard, year-end assessment schedule…)
  • Meeting logistics arrangement, making minutes meetings, and keeping all business concerned parties posted (EXPO, Shareholders, and Business meetings…)
  • Assist to CEO with work-related (for e.g. travel logistic arrangements, visa, etc.) and limited private issues.
  • Assist to CEO in keeping in touch with partners around the world. 
  • Monitor, transfer information and urge Departments/Departments/Members to follow the direction of the General Director
  • Assist CEO to follow up and update project progress to the concerned parties
  • Making statistics, making work schedules, working schedules for the CEO, and informing the CEO’s working schedule relevant departments
  • Support the CEO in interpreting, translating, preparing documents, taking minutes at seminars and events; bilateral and multilateral working sessions with internal and external organizations/partners as well as in other professional activities
  • Supporting the organization and implementation of programs, events, seminars, meetings/information exchange/signing cooperation agreements with partners, customers, Ministries/Departments/Industries
  • Perform other administrative tasks: Book air tickets/rooms according to the work plan; make and follow up the payment of travel expenses, and membership fees,… at the request of the CEO
  • Set up forms, collect, process, and analyze necessary information at the request of the CEO
  • Interact with internal and external parties in the development, execution, and management of various domestic and overseas projects leaded by the BOM. 

Your Skills and Experience

  • University degree
  • At least 02 years experience as a business analyst and/or as assistant to General Director
  • Good communication
  • Excellent organization and problem-solving skills
  • Strong time-management skill
  • Proactive, friendly & customer-oriented
  • Be able to work under pressure
  • Fluent in both English (IELTS 7.0 or overseas student) & Vietnamese

Why You’ll Love Working Here

Company culture

Personal means constantly improving your knowledge and skills, and building a better personal life. At Chainity Labs, we create opportunities for everyone. Learning knowledge and skills – Creating products and values – Developing yourself.

Work Your Way

Think that React.js is the best fit for a project? Have some suggestions for how we could improve processes? Make your case (we’re pretty open).

Challenging work

Finding work that interests and challenges you is an important part of loving your job. When you do the same tasks day after day, you may feel like you are ready for something new. When you get a variety of tasks and responsibilities that teach you something new, you may feel more engaged and fulfilled.

Teamwork beats distance

We put effort into maintaining a happy, friendly atmosphere within the team by organizing online and offline team hangouts, conferences, and other initiatives that bind us together.

Fair pay

When you are properly paid for your work, you will feel valued. We understand the importance of that. When you can enhance your own capabilities, demonstrate your role and responsibility to the company, you deserve greater benefits.

Have Fun

Laugh, joke, share stupid videos, and enjoy the people you spend your day with. Go out for drinks, debate Android vs. iOS, and obsess over which restaurant we should host our next meeting at.

How to apply?

Please send your CV to our email at: [email protected]

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