Chainity Labs

Software blockchain (Rust, Golang)

Chainity Labs believes that decentralized and open protocols are the bedrock of the internet of value. This is why at Chainity Labs, we are creating foundational infrastructure to accelerate the adoption of decentralized protocols based on blockchain technologies.

Chainity Labs has a goal to become a top infrastructure solution company supporting blockchain with Web3: Dotscan, DAO, Oracle, …….

Chainity Labs is looking for an applied cryptographer and researcher interested in cryptographic protocols and their application to distributed ledger technology. This person would work with us to design, check and implement mission-critical algorithms a range of areas including:

  • Cryptographic primitives such as pairing-based cryptography
  • Distributed cryptographic protocols such as signature aggregation
  • Distributed key generation, and zero-knowledge building blocks such as vector commitments and accumulators.

They would then put this cryptography into practice in order to realize the scalability required by the next generation of blockchain networks

Your Skills and Experience


  • ​​2+ years of experience in hands-on software engineering for cryptographic operations, such as signature schemes, accumulators, key management, data encryption and compression.
  • Understanding of fundamental cryptographic algorithms and underlying math for any of the following: hash functions, finite field arithmetic, polynomials (FFT) and elliptic curves.
  • Experience implementing high-performance and parallelizable protocols in languages such as Rust, Golang, Python, Java.
  • Understanding, research publications or hands-on experience in any of the following is considered a bonus: zero knowledge proofs, threshold signatures, multi-party computations, efficient accumulators, distributed randomness generation, auditing cryptographic software/smart contracts, lightweight and embedded cryptography.
  • Be fluent in writing design documentation as well as participating in technical discussions and reviews synchronously, asynchronously, in person or remotely.
  • Great written communication skills, and a passion for collaboration and innovation.


  • The ideal candidates will have a keen interest in blockchain technologies as well as supporting the productization of their results.
  • Experience with Agile/Scrum methodologies.
  • Experience with tools, practices, and programming patterns for ensuring software correctness.
  • Experience implementing zk-SNARK circuits or proof systems (i.e., Groth16, Halo, Plonk, STARKs, Marlin) is considered a plus.

Why You’ll Love Working Here

Company culture
Personal means constantly improving your knowledge and skills, and building a better personal life. At Chainity, we create opportunities for everyone. Learning knowledge and skills – Creating products and values – Developing yourself.

Work Your Way
Think that React.js is the best fit for a project? Have some suggestions for how we could improve processes? Make your case (we’re pretty open).

Challenging work
Finding work that interests and challenges you is an important part of loving your job. When you do the same tasks day after day, you may feel like you are ready for something new. When you get a variety of tasks and responsibilities that teach you something new, you may feel more engaged and fulfilled.

Teamwork beats distance
We put effort into maintaining a happy, friendly atmosphere within the team by organizing online and offline team hangouts, conferences, and other initiatives that bind us together.

Fair pay
When you are properly paid for your work, you will feel valued. We understand the importance of that. When you can enhance your own capabilities, demonstrate your role and responsibility to the company, you deserve greater benefits.

Have Fun
Laugh, joke, share stupid videos, and enjoy the people you spend your day with. Go out for drinks, debate Android vs. iOS, and obsess over which restaurant we should host our next meeting at.

How to apply?

Please send your CV to our email at: [email protected]

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